Student Advocacy

In Purpose Educational Services, the non-profit arm of In Purpose Educational Associates, provides student advocacy services to families regardless of their ability to pay. Payment is based upon a family’s income; for some families, the services will be provided free of charge.


Why work with an advocate?

In Purpose Educational Services is built on the belief that every student, regardless of socioeconomic status, is entitled to thrive in school.  When circumstances occur that impede a student’s ability to thrive, he/she/they are entitled to an educational professional who can advocate for that student and work with school and district officials to problem-solve and determine solutions that are in the best interest of the child.   When we work with any family, our goals include the following:

  • Ensure the best plan possible for student success.

  • Support the family.

  • Help the family understand their rights, the process, and the possibilities for their child.

  • Improve communication between the family and school and ensure the family’s voice is understood.



The hourly rate depends on family income. Families must also pay for mileage to and from off-site meetings (federal rate). All expenses must be paid up front.

  • 504 / IEP Advocacy / Behavior Plan Meeting : Includes initial consultation, reviewing relevant documents, research needed, discussion with family about goals, and attending meeting, up to 7 hours. $140 / $280 / $350, plus mileage

  • Special Education Consultation: Includes reviewing relevant documents, research needed and assistance with family in preparing for IEP or other related meetings. Advocate does not attend meeting. Up to 2 hours.$40/ $80 / $100

  • Disciplinary Hearing Advocacy (Expulsion Hearing, Suspension Determination Meeting, etc.): Includes reviewing relevant documents, research needed, prepping student (and parent) for testimony at hearing, and advocacy at hearing. Up to 5 hours. $100/ $200 / $250, plus mileage

  • Disciplinary Hearing Consultation: Includes reviewing relevant documents, research needed, prepping student (and parent) for testimony at hearing. Advocate does not attend meeting. Up to 2 hours. $50 / $100

  • Other consultations: Up to one hour. $20 / $40 / $50

  • Additional Follow-Up or Other Services: If additional follow-up is needed, families will need to work with INES to determine approximately how much time is needed. $40 / $50 per hour.

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