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Public Educational and Social Learning Opportunities

We will announce several events of both seminar and social natures. These events will begin difficult conversations at step one: what do I do if I don't know what I'm doing? Many times, equity and diversity training begins with the assumption that each person is ready to deal with the natural responses to difficult conversations about race, ethnicity, religion, etc. We begin with training that helps individuals to recognize those responses and develop effective coping methods prior to launching into these conversations.


We offer training and development to small-to-large groups interested in understanding how an active diversity program impacts both the product and the profit. Truth is that we do better when we honor our diverse backgrounds and incorporate multiple perspectives in our decision-making processes.

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In Purpose Educational Associates is dedicated to aiding educators and others in learning about this process and implementing it within their teaching practice.  We offer sessions specifically designed to help educators implement culturally-responsive teaching methods and lesson plans in their schools and classroom.  We start at the very beginning, helping educators examine their thought processes and develop cultural competence and racial awareness which, in turn, changes one's practice.  In the end,schools will be able to see the results reflected in their students' test scores, client surveys, and reduced disciplinary actions.