Episode 1--Nadida Amatullah-Matin, Part 1

In my very first episode of Small Acts, Big Impacts, I speak with Nadida Amatullah-Matin.

Amatullah-Matin is the founder and president of the Abdul-Wakil M. Kamal Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit created after the death of her stepson, who was a victim of police violence. The foundation offers employment opportunities and education focusing on various trades (carpentry, plumbing, home remodeling, etc.); as well as life skills to individuals returning home from prison. Amatatullah-Matin serves as the Executive Director of Matin House, her second 501(c) 3, which strives to provide life changes, skills, and services to victims of human trafficking so that they can live life free of chains.

Amatullah-Matin originates from the Garden State and moved to St. Louis in 2008. She has been married to Mohammed Kamal for more than 25 years, with whom she shares 5 adult children and 11 grandchildren; She is a community activist who believes we all can be change agents to give voice to the unheard and the marginalized – those often deemed nobodies.

In this first episode, we discuss her work with the memorial foundation created in her stepson's name.