In Purpose Educational Services

In Purpose Educational Services is the non-profit arm of our company.  It was created solely to provide services to the community around issues of diversity and inclusion.  These opportunities include, but are not limited to, the programs and events below.


Learning Opportunities

Throughout the year, In Purpose Educational Services will sponsor a variety of free training sessions (mainly through the local libraries) with announced topics posted to social media.  You will simply need to sign up to join., then come ready to learn and share.

Previous topics have included the following:

  • Holding Difficult Conversations

  • Patriotism and Protest

  • What Do I Do Now?: Being a Good Ally

  • The Poetry of Protest

  • Confronting Shame and Race


Student Advocacy Services

Every student should have access a knowledgeable, caring educational professional to advocate for them during decision-making processes that could negatively impact them or their educational progress.  In Purpose Educational Associates provides this advocacy based upon a sliding fee scale.  No student will be left without representation because of the parents' inability to pay a set fee.  


Volunteer and Leadership Programs

In Purpose Educational Services will be offering volunteer and leadership programs for individuals who are interested in learning more intensely and then entering the community to further the purpose of achieving equity in a diverse world.  Participants will be required to lead discussions, contribute to and deliver presentations, and engage with a variety of community members to promote understanding and acceptance.  


Networking Events

Where can one go to meet and engage with individuals of diverse groups?  Many times, people know that they need to engage in these conversations but do not necessarily know where to go to do this.   Based upon the work of Frank McCallum in Chattanooga, TN, we aim to create repeated opportunities for people to come together and celebrate diversity.  One event that we sponsor is "Come to the Table," where people come together to enjoy foods from diverse cultures while making connections with people of diverse backgrounds.  The video below chronicles the first "Come to the Table" event, which was a smashing success.  We hope that you can join us for future events.  Want to know more?  Please view the video below.


"Come to the Table"

On February 24, 2018, In Purpose Educational Associates invited a diverse group of individuals to "Come to the Table" to break bread and barriers.