Episode 5--David Beck, educator and author

David Beck, husband, father, and educator, now adds the title “author” to the list. In this episode, I get the opportunity to talk to David about the process he and illustrator John “G” Gamache took in order to produce his new children’s book The Sleepy Reader. Join me for a conversation filled with laughter and information for those who might want to pursue publishing their own books.

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Heather Fleming
Episode 1--Nadida Amatullah-Matin, Part 1

Nadida Amatullah-Matin wears many hats, including running the Abdul-Wakil M. Kamal Foundation, a non-profit she began to honor the memory of her step son who was killed by police officers in Irvington, New Jersey in 2013.  She has now begun a journey to open the Matin House, a residential home serving women who are escaping sex-trafficking. In this first episode, we talk about her work with the AWMK Foundation and her family’s experience with police violence.

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