Seminar Resources

In Purpose Educational Services sponsors several seminars each year on a variety of topics. For each seminar, we also include a variety of resources that will allow participants to continue the learning process. If you’ve taken one of our courses, you should have received a code that will allow you to access those resources. If you have lost that code, please contact Heather Fleming at to retrieve the code.

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Building Accomplices: Becoming Great Allies in the Workplace

Workplace dynamics can be difficult to navigate no matter what the race, ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. you are. When you combine all of these differences into one work environment, it can either be an amazing, inclusive experience or it can be toxic to all but a few. The key to ensuring that it is inclusive is learning how to be a good ally to people from diverse backgrounds.

In this workshop, we discuss how to address the key issues that can occur when a workplace is diverse but not inclusive.

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Diving In: Discussing Discrimination

We need to be talking about discrimination, but some of us are better prepared than others. While some people seem to talk about it with ease, others struggle to find the words because they are afraid of “messing up.” In this workshop, participants will be provided with practical knowledge related to discussing forms of discrimination, especially racism.